Maria Three bodies therapy

Maria Lolo

  • Master of Science in Clinical Neuropsychology, Leiden University
  • 5-year Bachelors degree in Psychology, Universidad de Salamanca
  • Chi Nei Tsang massage training, Thai Hand Berlin
  • Private practice as a psychologist and Chi Nei Tsang masseuse since 2017
  • Trauma sensitive bodywork weekend training with Pascal Beaumart

About me

Gaining a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the human mind has always been my passion. A mind I believed, and was taught, was separate from the physical body. However, my master’s degree in Neuropsychology and a bicycle accident proved different. ​I slowly became aware of the many layers of our being human, and the interconnection between all these layers. This realisation was the driving force behind my decision to learn more about the body-mind-spirit (the Three Bodies) connection and their needs, and to implement meditation, dancing, and psychedelic experimentation in this process.

With Ōsmos and the Three Bodies Counseling all the different avenues I have been exploring have finally fallen into place. It is because of my background in Psychology, the ongoing personal inner exploration, and my training as a body worker, that I have the skills to create this treatment that tries to bridge the psychological, physical and spiritual.

Everything we experience since the moment we are born leaves a trace on us. It impacts and shapes our emotions, thoughts and behaviours, but also the way our bodies feel, how we respond to touch and words, and how we move and carry ourselves through life.

I hold the firm belief that for us to truly get to know ourselves and/ or heal we have to consider and involve all parts of ourselves. The formative parts of ourselves that many spiritual traditions and schools of thought have called, the Physical body, the Mental body, and the Spirit body. In reference to this, I have named my approach, Three bodies counseling. Rather than isolating the mind from the body and spirit, I use a combination of psychological counselling, bodywork, and insights from contemplative practices.

I work with clients experiencing a spectrum of emotional, behavioural, relational and physical imbalances. Major life transitions, life as an expat, and intimacy are topics close to my heart, topics I feel confident exploring during my sessions.

With my work, I aim towards helping people gain awareness about the interconnectedness between all parts of ourselves, and everything and everyone around us. Exploring and opening up to the physical sensations in our bodies and emotions not only helps us getting over insecurities or past traumas. It puts us in touch with our inner and outer world.


How a session looks depends on what you need in this exact moment or period of your life. Together we decide how to make the best use of the time we have. Our work together will, on most occasions, involve a combination of verbal communication, movement, and soft and deep touch and massage. We will explore the beliefs you hold about yourself and your relationships. We will search for pent-up emotions and physical tension. 

My goal is to support you, from our first meeting on, in gaining tools, so you feel safe within your own skin, past and present experiences.


  • Single – 90 minutes session: 70 €
  • Combo – 4 sessions: 250 €

If you’re interested in booking a session or have any questions, please email me. To get to know each other we can have a free 30 minutes consultation session.

*If after our first session you decide that you would like to come regularly. The discount will still be applicable.

*Sessions are available in English and Spanish.

*Flexible pricing.