Madeleine Herzog Sex and Relationship Counseling

Madeleine Herzog

  • 2018 – 2019 : Couples and sex therapist training
  • 2015 : Master of Science Cultural and Social Anthropology
  • 2012 : Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology, sociology, theater and movie

About me

I have always been curious about the ways people live, relate to others and experience their emotions. Becoming an anthropologist has sharpened my senses that what we perceive as normal is not because it really is, but because we are shaped by our culture and our surrounding: what we are told to be, feel and express. The biggest part of our own individual process is to learn to differentiate between what we learned to belief and what we truly want. This for me is especially true in sexuality, sex and relationships as our culture is full of ideas of what is right and wrong in bonding and mating with others. In my studies I specialised in the anthropology of relationships and sexuality. I have worked as a research assistant for several years and it made me realise my need to work with people, to open up conversations about sex and relationships, to show that so much more is possible than what we were taught and that you can just do you and create your own ways of relating. Since the beginning of 2018 I am getting trained in becoming a certified sex and relationship therapist, opening ōsmos along with it feels like a very natural process: to open up a space where sex, sexuality and relationships are the center of attention. I will combine my anthropological view on the world, the wonder you feel when you see that people find their own way of doing things around the globe, with the therapeutical approach of facing your own shadow, your own internalised ideas on what is meant to be and not.

The way we relate to others reveals much about ourselves. Since humans are social beings, we are mirrored in each other; we can feel loved, obsessed, rejected, anxious, avoidant or hurt, can be triggered and comforted by those we love or used to love, and by those who love us.

The relationships we form with ourselves and with others are crucial to how we experience our lives. Sex and relationship counseling can help to shed light on the unseen and to break up repeated patterns. It is a practice that provides a quiet space in which to recognize problems, to tease out why what bothers us bothers us, and to throw out the scripts we grew up with.

Relationship counseling

Relationships come in all forms: friendship, open, asexual, monogamous, single, polyamorous. Some are beginning, and some are dying; some are with one other person, and some are with many others.

Naming them can be deceptive, because what they all have in common is the constant change and flow that characterizes how we relate to ourselves and to each other. Along the way we can sometimes feel stuck – when arguments go in circles, when there is a lack of trust, when you feel like you can’t be yourself, when you face a transition, when you feel that the feelings have just disappeared, when you need support in going through a break-up. Relationship counseling can be done alone, as well as with one or more partners.

Sex counseling

It is often impossible to draw a division between sex and relationship counseling because sex presents a context wherein all of our patterns of relationship are played out. Based on Carl Gustav Jung´s concept of the shadow, my approach in sex counseling is to bring light into the darkness that lies beneath the senses. There, we find the parts of ourselves that we cannot perceive with our eyes or ears, but only by using our intuition, by tuning in to why we do the things we do, by erasing the attention filters we have learned. In this way, we can gain insight into our fears, wishes, desires and dreams. We can learn how to acknowledge the shadow and integrate it into our lives. This enables you to find solutions when you or your partner(s) feel sexually dissatisfied, when you are unaware of your sexual desires and needs, when you face difficulties in getting sexually aroused, when you feel you suffer from a sexual dysfunction, when you wish to increase your sexual desire or when sex is painful for you.

In August 2019 I will receive my certificate as a trained sex and relationship therapist, until then I will be charging the following reduced prices. Becoming a therapist is a life long learning experience, I am at the beginning of this. In our sessions my attention will be fully on you and your experience, if we feel stuck or difficulties arise that we do not find a solution for I can turn to my supervisors for support. Yet the counseling sessions are what you and me make out of it and very much shaped to your own individual needs and expectations.

For a counseling session of 60min:

  • 45 Euro for a single person
  • 65 Euro for two or more people

For a counseling session of 90min:

  • 65 Euro for a single person
  • 85 Euro for two or more people

If you are interested, please send me an email in which you briefly describe yourself and why you would like to see me. In the next step, we will have a 30-minute free introductory session to get to know each other. I will explain the concept of the counseling and we can test the waters together.